Top 10 Best Optical Audio Splitters in 2023 Reviews

You can have a better sound experience by going for the best optical audio splitters in the market. A good product saves you the trouble and inconvenience of cutting and splicing cores. Also, it ensures the work is neat. This greatly reduces the chances of signal drop or loss. Also, it ensures the performance is top-notch and consistent.

The device helps in splitting a single source into two different outputs. It will support the two sources working at the same time without any interference. Over the years, different types of products have been released. But not any choice assures you of top service. It may be a little bulky, experiences signal loss, may not be compatible with some devices, or the cable may be a little short. In this article, we will review the best optical audio splitters in 2023:

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Amazon Basics 3.5mm to 2-Male RCA Adapter Audio Stereo Cable - 4 Feet
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Amazon Basics Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable for Sound Bar, TV - 3.3 Feet (1 Meter)
IN THE BOX: 3.3-foot digital optical audio Toslink cable; USES: Ideal for connecting an audio component to an audio system, like a sound bar to a TV

List of 10 Best Optical Audio Splitters Review in 2023:

#10. Riipoo(TM) 1 Input 2 Output Toslink Optical Audio Splitter

#10. Riipoo(TM) 1 Input 2 Output Toslink Optical Audio Splitter


This Optical Audio Splitter enables you to easily link one TOSLink optical input and then split into outputs. It’s a digital unit that is suitable for audio usage. It works well in A/V receiver, television, DVD player, CD player, PS3, Xbox, and many other digital audio sources. It’s simple to use even by a novice and ensures the signal is strong and stable. Chances of a lost signal are unlikely. This aspect is boosted by the 24k gold connectors.

It uses 1mm low-loss core and . Also, the connectors are made of heavy-duty metal. Chances of them coming loose or apart are thus minimal. This pack comes ready to fit and operate. Also, it has all the essential parts.

Reasons to buy:

  • Easy to link ad use
  • Digital and suitable for everyday use
  • Works with many devices and gadgets
  • Simple to use and high quality
  • Maintains a strong signal ad is very consistent

#9. VIMVIP 3 Way Digital Toslink Optical in/Out Audio Splitter

#9. VIMVIP 3 Way Digital Toslink Optical inOut Audio Splitter  

By: VIMVIP Optical Audio Splitters

With this Optical Splitter, you’ll be able to transform a single input into 3 outputs. It’s suitable for domestic and commercial applications. What’s more, it’s a high-quality piece comprises of tough and reliable materials. This ensures the connections are tight and the chances of them becoming loose are very low. Also, it handles the use and environmental aspects well. The gadget splits the input source into 3 female Toslink outputs.

It works with Male Toslink cables and features an easy-use manual switch. The device works well with many devices out there. These include HDTV, PCM, Blu-ray DVD player, Dolby Digital, PS3, DTS, and XBOX360 among may others. If futures a 2.6-foot long flexible cable to offer an easy reach. And to speed up and simplify the connection and setup, you’ll discover simple clear instructions inside the nice pack.

Reasons to buy:

  • Compatible with A/V receiver, television, DVD player, CD player, etc
  • Less susceptible to weak or lost signal
  • High quality and corrosion-resistant 24k gold connectors
  • Comes ready to fit and operate
  • The pack has all the essential parts

#8. AGPtEK HDMI Audio Extractor Splitter

#8. AGPtEK HDMI Audio Extractor Splitter

By: AGPTEK Optical Audio Splitters

This device is one of the best optical audio splitters in the market. It’s a versatile piece that works with most everyday gadgets. These include Blu-ray Player, DVD Player, HD player, PS3, PS4, Site Fire TV, PC, Apple TV, Xbox One, and Notebook among many others. The HDMI to HDMI Extractor is designed for audio and splits a single source into 2 outputs. This allows you t connects several devices. Moreover, it delivers professional results and also is very consistent performance.

It’s a well-built gadget and isn’t prone to interference or signal loss. Also, it supports 4K@30hz, 1080P (50/60Hz), and 720P/480P resolution. Moreover, the modern unit works well with 36-bit deep color and 3D t delivers a sing experience. It is compact hence won’t take up a lot of space. Besides, it’s lightweight for more convenient carrying.

Reasons to buy:

  • Versatile and works with most gadgets
  • Delivers professional results
  • Very consistent and high performance
  • Well-built and not prone to interference
  • Supports high resolution

#7. Yeworth 1 to 2 Fiber Optic Toslink Digital Optical

#7. Yeworth 1 to 2 Fiber Optic Toslink Digital Optical

By: Yeworth Optical Audio Splitters

Yeworth 1×2 Toslink Optical Splitter is ideal for maximum audio. It transforms one TOSLink audio source into two outputs. It does this in a very simple way but the results are pretty good. It’s not susceptible to signal loss, interference, or wavering. Moreover, it’s very basic, and connecting to the devices is pretty easy. What’s more, it works okay with many devices and gadgets. Notable options include CD player, PS3, DVD player, X-Box 360, PC, and more.

Thanks to the 24k Gold connectors, it maintains a firm connection. Also, the connectors are resins to tarnish, corrosion, and rust. The unit works with Male Toslink cables and is okay for use in homes, offices, institutions, workshops, and many other places.

Reasons to buy:

  • Very simple and easy operation
  • High quality and not susceptible to signal loss
  • Works okay with many devices and gadgets
  • High quality and reliable 24k Gold connectors
  • Okay for use in homes, offices, workshops, etc

#6. SiteBasics 4K (RCA Stereo or Spdif) HDMI to HDMI

#6. SiteBasics 4K (RCA Stereo or Spdif) HDMI to HDMI

By: SiteBasics

Coming from Site Basics, this HDMI to HDMI extractor converter box will improve the audio experience. It makes splitting it into 2 our [us much easier. You don’t need to cut wires or endure weak connections. This ensures the audio quality is top-notch. We appreciate its simple nature, which makes using it easy. This particularly applies to a newbie user. Also, it’s made of strong materials to minimize the likelihood of it coming apart or breaking. It features a durable metal housing and doesn’t rely on a dedicated audio output.

It’s versatile and is compatible with a wide array of devices. You can use it with Blue-ray, DVD players, HD player, DVR players, Apple Tv, cable/satellite, Xbox, Site Fire TV, PS3/4, PC/laptop, and HD cameras among many others. It works with two left-right channel, SPDIF stereo output as well as supports compressed and uncompressed sound. Besides, it is compatible with a resolution of up to 4k.

Reasons to buy:

  • Basic and easy to connect to the devices
  • Connectors maintain a firm connection
  • The connectors are resistant to tarnish, corrosion and rust
  • Great design and user-friendly
  • High quality and reliable

#5. SiYear 1 in 2 Toslink Digital Fiber Audio Optical Splitter Cable

#5. SiYear 1 in 2 Toslink Digital Fiber Audio Optical Splitter Cable

By: SiYear Optical Audio Splitters

Converting or splitting 1 Toslink into 2 Audio outputs is made easier by the best optical audio splitters. It’s just a matter of feeding a single input and then connecting the device(s) to the two outputs. This device by SIYear is quoted popular. It’s fit for residential and commercial usage. Besides, it’s lightweight and easy to carry. Also, it’s space-efficient due to its compact size. The device is compatible with many accessories and is pretty easy to operate.

You can use it with A/V receiver, television, CD player, PC, Xbox 360, PS, PS4, DVD player, and much more. Setting it up is a breeze and takes a very short time. So, it’s not prone to signal drop or loss and lasts for a long time. It includes a 0.2-meter flexible cable for easy connectivity.

Reasons to buy:

  • Quite popular and excellent audio
  • Ideal for residential and commercial usage
  • A flexible cable for easy connectivity.
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Compatible with many accessories

#4. VIMVIP Toslink Optical Cable Splitter – Optical Audio Splitter

#4. VIMVIP Toslink Optical Cable Splitter, Digital Fiber Optical 

By: VIMVIP Optical Audio Splitters

This optical splitter has a 1 in 2 split and is simple and practical. It’s okay for everyday use and suits domestic and commercial setups. It features 1 male input and 2 female output that will work well at the same time. Also, it’s a flexible unit that suits CD and DVD players, PS3/PS4/ PC, Xbox 36, television, Xbox One, and among many other options.

It’s very easy to connect and maintains a firm grip. This prevents any looseness that will lead to poor signal. Also, it’s not easily affected by external frequencies and is consistent all through. The connectors comprise of 24k Gold and are also has a . This ensures you get excellent sound quality. It comes ready for use and no additional accessories and parts are necessary.

Reasons to buy:

  • Pretty easy to operate
  • Works with A/V receiver, television, CD player, PC, etc
  • Setting it up is a breeze
  • Not prone to signal drop or loss
  • High quality and lasts for a long time
  • Lightweight and easy to carry

#3. ZEXMTE 1 in 2 Digital Optical Fiber Audio Splitter – Optical Audio Splitters

#3. ZEXMTE 1 in 2 Digital Optical Fiber Audio Splitter, Black…


This Digital Optical Splitter is just what you need. It’s a popular choice that targets individuals who want to maximize sound efficiency. Moreover, it’s very compact and takes up minimal space. We love its basic nature and simplicity that makes it quite user-friendly. Even a newbie user will have it easy. The well-made unit handles the use well and also maintains firm connectivity for the best experience.

It has a 1 to 2 split and comprises 1 male input and 2 female outputs. It’s suitable for CD/DVD player, Bureau, PC, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and many more. Similar to other top picks, the connectors feature a 24k Gold interface for good connectivity. Also, it has a as well as a . This ensures the sound quality is excellent.

Reasons to buy:

  • Very compact and takes up minimal space
  • Basic nature simple operation
  • Quite user-friendly and high quality
  • Handles the use well
  • Maintains a firm connectivity

#2. Andul Digital Toslink 1 in 2 Audio Fiber Optical 

#2. Andul Digital Toslink 1 in 2 Audio Fiber Optical Splitter Cable (Black)

By: ANDTOBO Optical Audio Splitters

With this TOSLink Optical Splitter cable, connecting one TOSLink and splitting it into two different digital outputs is easier. Also, it’s straightforward and doesn’t need lots of experience or any tools. The unit is suitable for day-to-day needs, in the home office, schools, studio, and many other places. What’s more, it’s a simple and compact piece that fits even in little spaces.

We love the high quality built that endures the usage and environmental aspects well. The connectors feature 24K folds and the 1mm core is low noise just like the synthetic fiber. Therefore, cases of interference, distortion, or signal drop/ loss are pretty low. What’s more, it’s very lightweight and flexible for easy movements. The unit works with CD/DVD player, PS3, PC, X-Box360, and Computer among other devices.

Reasons to buy:

  • Suitable for CD/DVD player, PC, Xbox 360, etc
  • High quality 24k Gold connectors
  • Good connectivity and a
  • Excellent sound quality

#1. J-Tech Digital SPDIF TOSLINK Optical Premium Quality 

#1. J-Tech Digital SPDIF TOSLINK Optical Premium Quality 

By: J-Tech Digital Optical Audio Splitters

Lastly, we have the J-Tech Digital unit. It’s also among the best optical audio splitters you’ll find in the market. It enjoys amazing reviews and also is very popular. Besides, the good versatility suits many situations. These include television, PC, Xbox, PS, and many other gadgets. It has one input source that splits into 3 outputs.

It comprises high-grade optical fiber witch has an excellent signal transmission. Also, the SPDIF/TOSLink device can handle as many as 5.1 channels and covers as far as 15 ft. and Thanks to being Plug & Play, it doesn’t need additional devices. Moreover, it supports DTS 5.1 and Dolby Digital hence has good Audi quality. And to prevent damage due to a wrong connection to power, the unit features Over-voltage protection.

Reasons to buy:

  • Suits many devices
  • Comprises high-grade optical fiber
  • Excellent signal transmission
  • Handles as many as 5.1 channels
  • Covers as far as 15 ft
  • Plug & Play and easy to use.

Can you split optical audio?

The debate surrounding splitting optical audio is always rife. This is seen in an era where people desire to split audio so as to allow the connection and operation of several devices. A good case in point is when you want to connect to devices such as a TV, AV receiver, amplifiers, or optical tuner to a Blu-ray player or gaming consoles like Xbox, or PS. The splitting device serves as the link between the devices. You connect one end to the output of the audio generator. On the other end, you get two audio outputs to connect to the devices.

Digital audio, unlike analog sound, can’t be split. This is because it moves in form of a data stream. What people refer to as splitting is simplify reproducing it so that it can move in two different paths or streams. With a proper device, it will arrive at the destination the same way it entered the source.


Does splitting optical audio reduce quality?

Splitting optical audio using the best splitter won’t reduce or undermine the quality. It will keep it the same as the original. However, to achieve this, it’s essential that you settle for the highest quality options. They come from leading brands and also will get a nod from experts. You can also enhance the audio quality by investing in higher quality input components or devices that come with superior DAC. This helps to prevent any distortion, interference, or interruption. Also, it keeps the signal strength consistent all through.

The unit enables you to take a single output source and then breaks it into two inputs. A good instance is connecting the unit to the put up of a Gaming console and then connecting the output of the splitter to an AV receiver and a TV.


How do optical splitters work?

Optical splitters come in either passive or active form. The earlier is simpler in design and operation. It entails splitting the signal and fiber. This, unfortunately, limits the functionality of the device. The active option offers more functionality and proves to be more reliable.

Generally, the unit takes a source signal from a device and then breaks it into two or more options. This allows several devices or benefits from a single source.

A signal will come from a Bluray, Receiver, Game console, or any other. It will move in a single stream into the optical split. It comes out from the splitter in two paths/ outputs, which will connect, to devices such as television, spiffier, or AV reveres.


Is optical audio better than HDMI?

Optical audio and HDMI rely on digital signals and are better than analog. They offer better quality and also are more versatile. The key difference between the two is that HDMI supports a higher audio resolution hence will work with some devices while optical audio won’t. The case in point is DTS HD Master and Dolby TrueHD that is usually funded in Blu-ray players.


There you go – the best optical audio splitters in 2023. The above options are quite effective, reliable, and efficient and deliver longlasting service. They are easy to use, lightweight, portable, and have good signal reception.

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