Top 10 Best Magnetic Screen Doors Reviews in 2023

A magnetic screen door is very convenient if you have one installed at the entryway. The main capability of this screen door is to prevent all the bugs, fly and mosquitoes from entering the house. In some cases, Magnetic Screen Doors can also block the dirt and dust as well to make your house clean.

If you find it difficult to evaluate hundreds and thousands of magnetic screen doors on the market, this should no longer be a problem. Below are the top 10 best magnetic screen door models that we have found for you. Our description will include the main features of these products.

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List of 10 Best Magnetic Screen Doors Review in 2023:

#10. Austin & Mills Magnetic Screen Doors with Hooks and Loops

#10. Austin & Mills Magnetic Screen Door with Hooks and Loops

To begin with, we have this magnetic screen door from Austin & Mills. There are 2 sizes for this door, which include the large and standard sizes. It features an easy installation process which you can take advantage of the hooks and loops included in the package for you. It is compatible with the door size at 72 x 80 inches.

This magnetic screen door is ideal for the entryway in order to allow you to enter or exit easily. It is equipped with up to 26 magnets for a single screen door. However, the door is built from fiberglass which features the heavy duty quality.

The adhesion quality and durability of the door is very outstanding, and as a result, you can fully rely on it in the long run without having to worry about falling off or getting damaged even with the toughest use.

#9. JoyDay Heavy Duty Magnetic Screen Door

#9. JoyDay Heavy Duty Magnetic Screen Door

Next, we should take a look at this magnetic screen door from JoyDay. It offers the best insect protection during the day time since it keeps all the bugs and flies away from the house. Magnetic Screen Door is made with high quality polyester mesh, and it enables the best breathability to allow the maximum amount of air flow.

It is compatible with the door frame size at 39 x 83 inches. However, the screen door is adjustable to match the door frame. The design makes it compatible with many places in the house, including entryway, balcony, garage and sliding doors.

Moreover, the door allows you to open and close smoothly. It is foldable while not in use to make a roll up design for storage. Also, it does not require any frame to attach, and the installation is easy and simple thanks to the hook and loop included.

With this screen door, there is no need to worry about mosquitoes again.

#8. CHERAINTI Upgraded Magnetic Screen Doors

#8. CHERAINTI Upgraded Magnetic Screen Door

Another choice for a good magnetic screen door is from CHERAINTI. This upgraded version of screen door is equipped with small meshes, and therefore, it maximizes the ventilation in the house to the best. It also allows more natural light in the house during the day time.

This screen door is equipped with 14 magnets, and it also includes 12 additional magnetic strips to ensure the best opening and closing. It features the auto off function to help you with a convenient process. Moreover, you can enjoy the hidden view without having others to know that from the house.

This screen door is designed ideally to help you get rid of all the unpleasant bugs and flies that disturb you on a daily basis. For the installation process, all the hardware and tools are already included for you. If you are still not sure, the instruction manual is there to help you go through each step.

#7. YUFER Magnetic Screen Doors

#7. YUFER Magnetic Screen Door

This magnetic screen door from YUFER is also worth taking into consideration. It is suitable for the door size at 59 x 80 inches. It features a convenient design with the wind proof function to serve you in all conditions. Even the strongest wind cannot blow this screen door away.

Moreover, it features a multifunctional design since it can protect your house from not only mosquitoes and bugs but also dust and dirt that make the house dirty. However, it still enables the pets and toddlers to enter and go out of the house easily without facing any obstacles.

Compared to the nylon doors that you are familiar with, this type of magnetic screen door is more durable and efficient in both design and quality. With hook and adhesive strips included, you can rely on them to make the installation process easy and done within minutes only.

Even after the purchase, if you encounter any problems, you can always contact YUFER for technical support.

#6. MAGZO Durable Magnetic Screen Door

#6. MAGZO Durable Magnetic Screen Door

MAGZO also offers us one of the best magnetic screen doors on the market. It is made of fiberglass mesh, and it is compatible with the door size of 74 x 81 inches. However, the door frame is not included for this screen door. For the installation process, the hooks and loops are both included in the package, so that the assembly is super easy and convenient

Moreover, there is a windproof stick in the package, and you can use this to prevent the doors from being blown off the frame by the strong win. This screen door is 100% friendly with the pets, which means the pets can go through the screen door easily without any obstacles.

While not being in use, users can detach it within minutes only and roll it up for a convenient storage. This saves you a lot of time and effort. Also, the durability of the door is ensured to the best in the long run.

#5. Homearda Magnetic Screen Doors Strips

#5. Homearda Screen Door with Magnetic Strips

Now, let’s give our attention to this magnetic screen door from Homearda. It is an upgraded version with high quality mesh screen, and it is compatible with the door size of 34 x 82 inches. The door does not allow even the smallest size bugs, fly and mosquitoes to go inside the house. However, the fresh air still goes in freely without any obstacles.

It is multifunctional for the design of the screen door. It is built with magnetic strips and cubes to provide a smooth opening and closing process. There are up to 26 pieces of magnetics in this door, and the edges are reinforced to the best. When you need to go through the door, it automatically closes it for you if both of your hands are carrying something.

Also, if you find that the quality of the product does not match with the description, please feel free to return in order to get the refund or replacement.

#4. Sentry Screens Fiberglass Magnetic Screen Doors

#4. Sentry Screens Fiberglass Screen Door

Moving onto the next magnetic screen door from Sentry Screens, it is equipped with high quality loop and hook fasteners in order to secure it in place. When you have the screen door on, you can enjoy the freshest air in the environment during the hot summer, yet you will never allow the bugs and mosquitoes in.

The door is made from premium quality fiberglass materials, and it is heavy duty and durable in the long run. Pets can go through the door easily. Moreover, it is equipped with 26 magnetics, and they are effective enough to provide an auto off function. While in use, it is tight enough to prevent any unexpected attempts to get in.

Thanks to the high quality design, the standards are both tested and certified by the US military for their quality. This kind of screen door is highly recommended by military camps in various countries, such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

Also, the installation can take even less than 10 minutes to get it done.

#3. Hommit Magnetic Screen Doors with Fiberglass Mesh

#3. Hommit Screen Door with Fiberglass Mesh

For this magnetic screen door from Hommit, it features a hand free opening and closing operation. It is friendly to pets and children, allowing them to enter and leave without any efforts and energy needed. The screen door is compatible with the door size of 37 x 82 inches, and it is made from strong and durable fiberglass mesh.

There are up to 26 points of magnetic to ensure the best closing operation. It automatically closes itself once you have crossed the entryway. Also, it allows the maximum amount of airflow to go inside the house. It is equipped with gravity sticks to ensure that it will never be blown by the strong wind.

Inside the package of this product, it includes the door, hook and loop as well as a bunch of push pins for you. You should be able to install it easily within minutes.

#2. iGotTech Magnetic Screen Doors

#2. iGotTech Screen Door

What about this magnetic screen door from iGotTech? It is made with a high quality design along with the most affordable price. It is suitable with the door size of 34 x 82 inches. For this door, it is equipped with up to 26 pieces of magnets in order to reinforce all the angles. This will never allow it gaps or breaks while closing.

It is made with a hook and loop design to ensure an easy assembly process. The hooks are there to make sure that the screen door is properly sealed, and therefore, it will never allow the mosquitoes to go in no matter in what situation. If you are not sure how to get started with the setup, simply have a look at the video tutorial provided to see how to get the screen door installed easily.

#1. Hommit Pet-friendly Magnetic Screen Doors

#1. Hommit Pet-friendly Screen Door

Last but not least, we should not forget this magnetic screen door from Hommit. It allows you to have a hand free process while entering the house through this door. Plus, this choice is also friendly to pets and kids as well to make them enter easily.

The door is designed to match the door size at 37 x 82 inches. It is made from strong and durable materials, such as screen mesh. This will never enable any bugs and mosquitoes to disturb you in the house, while allowing all the fresh air to go inside.

The screen door is built with 26 points of magnets, and they are strong enough to last for many years. Also, the door is detachable when you do not want it. You can roll it up in order to get it into a compact size for storage.

For the installation process, on the other hand, it takes only a few minutes to get ready to begin.

Buying Guides Of Magnetic Screen Door:

The quality of the screen door is directly associated with the quality of your house as well as daily life. So, we would like to recommend you with some features of a good magnetic screen door to help you select the right one by spending less time and effort.

Below are some features that you can refer to before making the decision.


the screen door should be made of high quality materials, such as the high density fiberglass mesh to guarantee both of the durability and stability in both presence and future.


it should protect your house from all kinds of invasions from bugs and mosquitoes. Some screen doors can even secure it against dust and dirt. However, it should still enable the maximum airflow inside the house.

Pets friendly:

this is another important feature if you are having a pet or kid in the house. The screen door should never be a barrier to them for entering or leaving the house.

Door size:

also, before buying, you should first measure the size of your door and choose the screen door with the corresponding size.


the installation should be easy enough, which takes only minutes to get it ready.


To sum up for this article, above are the top 10 best magnetic screen doors. It is highly recommended for you to own one for your house to protect you during the summer. It is responsible for keeping all the mosquitoes and bugs away from the house to guarantee you with the best healthiness and safety.

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