Top 7 Best Dartboard Cabinets Reviews in 2023

Dart is one of the games you can play at your house with your family and friends. One of the essential accessories for your dart game is a dartboard cabinet. A dartboard cabinet plays many roles in ensuring that your game room is neat. Apart from adding décor to your room, dartboard cabinets add some lighting options. Dartboard cabinets also provide storage for different dart gears. A dartboard cabinet will also protect your wall from stray throws, especially if the players are novices.

Most dartboard cabinets come with a scoreboard to help you keep a record of your playing. You will give your game room a luxurious style while still maintaining a favorable playing environment by just adding a dartboard cabinet. Investing in a quality dartboard cabinet will make your room stand out. Although most dartboard cabinets have the same design, they will differ in certain aspects. You might, therefore, need to use much of your time trying to find an ideal item. To ease the hassle of finding a perfect piece, we have reviewed the top best seven dartboard cabinets below.

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Key features to consider for dartboard cabinets:


You need a dartboard cabinet that will serve you for long. An ideal dartboard cabinet should also protect your wall from stray throws. A sturdy dartboard cabinet will meet these qualities giving you the confidence to play with family and friends even when they are beginners. Consider the material making the dartboard cabinet you want to buy to ensure that it will endure strong forces.


If you like keeping a record of your games, consider purchasing a dartboard cabinet with scoreboards. Some dartboard cabinets will have chalk scoreboards while others feature dry-erase scoreboards. You can select the scoreboard type of your preference.

Style and design

By buying a dartboard cabinet, you are adding a fixture in your home. Choosing a dartboard cabinet with style and design in mind will help add some ambiance to your room. Despite having many functional benefits, you cannot ignore that a dartboard cabinet also adds décor to your room. You should, therefore, select an item whose style and design complements your entire room.


A dart game is not complete without some accessories. You will need accessories such as flights, barrels, and darts for a whole dart game experience. For a neat playing environment, the rooms’ organization is vital. Therefore, you need to ensure that you purchase a dartboard cabinet with enough storage space for all your accessories.


Your budget is a great determiner of which dartboard cabinet you are going to buy. For various reasons, different dartboard cabinets will go at varying prices. What you need is a high-quality, yet affordable item. As much as a dartboard cabinet has a low cost, its quality should be top-notch.

List of 7 Best Dartboard Cabinets Review in 2023:

#7. Viper Hudson sisal/bristle steel tip dartboard cabinet

#7. Viper Hudson sisal bristle steel tip dartboard cabinet

Viper Hudson sisal/bristle Steel Tip Dartboard cabinet has open dimensions of 41.5’’wide×23.25″ tall. It has a stable pine craft with box joints and bronze hinges that prolong its life and complements your room’s look. The two compact door stoppers help in protecting the dartboard and cabinet from slamming doors.

Viper Hudson Bristle Steel Tip dartboard cabinet further includes a dry erase scoreboard for keeping the record of your game. The mounting hardware makes mounting easy. The 30-days warranty adds to its quality guarantee.

Reasons to buy

  • Solid pine craft
  • Two compact door stoppers
  • Dry erase scoreboard
  • Easy to mount
  • 30-days warranty

#6. Classic Double-sided Dartboard

#6. Classic Double-sided Dartboard

The classic double-sided dartboard is perfect for dart games in the bar, man cave, recreation center, or game room. It includes everything you need to start your game, including scoreboards, six darts, chalk, and eraser. You will also get mounting hardware to make its installation fast and stress-free. The board features high-quality sisal fibers with a self-healing effect to keep it in good shape for years.

Classic double-sided dartboard, also, features a walnut finish and elegant magnetic closures to give your room a stylish look. The removable metal rings on each board make it easy to rotate, providing other sections time to heal. You can conveniently record game scores thanks to the two scoring chalkboard on the inside of every door.

Reasons to buy

  • Easy installation
  • Includes all the necessary accessories
  • Self-healing sisal fibers
  • Walnut finish
  • Removable metal rings

#5. Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard Built-in Cabinet

#5. Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard Built-in Cabinet

Fat cat electronic dartboard features an intelligent design with durable thermoplastic segments that extends its recreational play period. The target face has a surrounding of large catch rings that creates 360 degrees landing zone for stray shots. That protects your wall from damage by the stray throws. The board features an ultra-thin spider that provides a broader surface area for landing shots and reduces the chances of bounce-outs. The mercury’s doors have dart holsters for the safe storage and display of 4 sets of darts. On the inner right door of the mercury signature is an extra-large illuminated cricket display.

Fat cat mercury electronic dartboard additionally includes six extra tips, AC power adapter, mounting hardware, game manual, and six darts. Its sturdy ABS material extends its life. The doors have built-in slots that can store up to four sets of darts. It features an LCD front display and extra-large LCD cricket scoreboard inside the door that makes it easy to read. You can buy this item with confidence thanks to the one-year warranty.

Reasons to buy

  • Durable thermoplastic segments
  • Dart holsters for dart storage
  • Sturdy ABS material
  • Built-in slots
  • LCD panel
  • One-year warranty

#4. Viper Stadium Cabinet and Shot King Sisal

#4. Viper Stadium Cabinet and Shot King Sisal

Viper stadium cabinet is ideal for protecting your wall from stray dart throws. It is a comprehensive bundle featuring a dartboard cabinet, steel tip darts, dry-erase scoreboard, dry erase marker and mounting hardware. That makes it a saving plan since you do not need to buy all these accessories in parts. It features a compression of sisal/bristle fibers, a construction that makes it highly durable. The durable construction protects your wall from dents and dings, making it ideal even for beginners.

Viper stadium cabinet has a diameter of 18 inches, which is an official tournament size. You have a guarantee of longevity thanks to its adjustable number rings that make it easy to rotate. The three adjustable, bright, energy-efficient LED light pods to illuminate your dartboard for perfect playing experience. It is one of the dartboard cabinets supporting playing even in daylight thanks to the viper laser throw/toe line marker. With the mounting hardware, setting up this item is easy and fast. You can choose from four different styles: elite set, deluxe set, premium set, and standard set.

Reasons to buy

  • Easy set-up
  • Includes multiple accessories
  • Premium materials and quality construction
  • Movable number rings
  • Bright LED light pods
  • Toe line marker

#3. Barrington Collection Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set

#3. Barrington Collection Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set

Barrington Collection Bristle Dartboard Cabinet set includes a quality 18-inch self-healing board with a staple-free bullseye target. That makes it resilient and gives it longevity. The sturdy steel number rings also increase its durability and makes it a perfect dartboard for pros. What is more, it includes all the parts you need to regulate a dart game, including flights, markers, six steel-tip darts, and mounting bracket. Thanks to this dartboard cabinet, you will not require to purchase these accessories. You can hang it on any wall thanks to the sturdy box joint construction with quality hinges that prevent wear and tear.

Barrington collection bristle dartboard cabinet further boasts a lightweight and rustic design. The regulation size target face is light and easy to install. Its frame includes the popular wormhole effect for a traditional look while the mount hardware set makes its installation easy. The arcade wood doors help you keep track of your scores and add some touch to your pub or game room. It is available in multiple styles, including Bellevue, Chatham Woodhaven, and Webster.

Reasons to Buy

  • Durable construction
  • Easy to install
  • Includes traditional accessories
  • Lightweight and rustic design
  • Available in multiple styles

#2. Trademark Gameroom Dartboard Cabinet Set

#2. Trademark Gameroom Dartboard Cabinet Set

Trademark Gameroom dartboard cabinet set includes a self-healing dartboard, six steel tip darts, chalkboard scoreboard, chalk eraser, and mounting hardware. The inclusion of all these accessories helps you get into the game as soon as you get the set. The chalkboard scoreboard allows you to keep track of your game.

Trademark Gameroom dartboard cabinet set further features a realistic walnut finish that gives your game room an elegance touch. The durable MDF construction extends the life of this item. The magnet door closure keeps your dartboard safe when not in use.

Reasons to buy

  • Includes all necessary accessories
  • Chalkboard scoreboard
  • Realistic walnut finish
  • Durable MDF construction
  • Magnet door closure

#1. Viper League Pro Regulation Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard Starter Set

#1. Viper League Pro Regulation Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard Starter Set

Viper league pro-regulation bristle steel dartboard set consists of high-density compressed fibers that extend its life and gives it a self-healing effect. Whenever you remove the dart tip, the sisal expands and closes the area around the puncture. The 100% staple-free bullseye increases the amount of target area while reducing the chances of bounce-outs. The board is rotatable thanks to the removable low-glare number rings that give other sections time to heal.

Viper League Pro Regulation bristle steel dartboard set includes chalk and eraser, a collection of steel tip darts, mounting hardware, and game manual. With the mounting hardware and manual, you will take set it up and start playing. A great addition to this item is the cross-compatibility of the sisal with steel and soft darts for optimal performance.

Reasons to buy

  • Staple free bullseye
  • Sisal bristle fiber construction
  • Steel and soft dart compatible
  • Self-healing effect
  • Removable low-glare number rings


You can agree that a dartboard cabinet has many benefits to your playing experience. A dartboard cabinet will add elegance to your game room, protect your wall, and provide storage space for your accessories. If you are a dart fan, a quality and stylish dartboard cabinet should be on your next shopping list. However, with numerous models of dartboard cabinets in the market, it is not easy to identify a perfect one. That is why we have a review of the top 7 best dartboard cabinet to help you make an informed decision.

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