Top 9 Best Bow and Arrow For Kids Reviews Of 2023

Distracting kids and toddlers from using digital devices feel like a headache to parents. With the introduction of some unique toys, it is possible to distract them from the digital screens. One of the best toys for kids is the bow and arrow set. The archery promotes physical activity and also builds stamina in the body of kids. You can easily encourage them to play outdoors with the choice of a decent bow and arrow set. Mostly, there are no safety concerns involved.

It seems extremely fun to shoot the target using any of these sets. It also builds concentration power in little ones right from a young age. Most of them are easy to carry around wherever you want. Besides, they are sturdily built to last for years without any troubles. The inclusion of plenty of arrows let the user perform lots of practice. Now let’s get familiar with the best bow and arrow for kids:

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List of 9 Best Bow and Arrow For Kids Review in 2023:

9. GoBroBrand Bow and Arrow Set for Kids:

9. GoBroBrand Bow and Arrow Set for Kids

When you desire to gift a unique toy to your little one that conveys fun and new skills, you can go for this set. It imparts lots of skills like fine motor skills, building concentration power, accuracy, collaboration skills, hand-eye coordination, etc. The set contains 6 arrows equipped with a suction cup, a quiver, and a target. Due to the suction cup, the arrows always stay in place. Generally, boys and girls aged 3 years to 12 years are recommended to use this set.

All 6 arrows are completely safe for children and adults. One wonderful feature is this set comes with 3 light settings. According to your preference, you can choose one of the settings to play at the best. All these settings encourage imaginative power and unparalleled fun for hours. Furthermore, the use of quality materials makes sure the set will last for years without any sign of wear & tear.


  • Presents fun and learning new skills
  • Can be used at night
  • Elegant design

Why We Liked It?

For kids, it is quite easy to hold the bow in hand, aim the arrow, and shoot the target. We like that it comes with a lighting system to let you play at night.

8. SainSmart Jr. Kids Bow and Arrow Toy:

8. SainSmart Jr. Kids Bow and Arrow Toy

To relish the time outdoors, this set is one of the best hunting game sets. It is beautifully designed with 3 suction cup arrows, a quiver, a target, and an illuminated bow. The purpose behind the lights in the bow is it assists you to play at night. Moreover, due to the suction cup, you will find it comfortable to hold the arrows in your hands. One important aspect to note is that the entire construction is made up of non-toxic ABS. This material is not only safe but also conveys enough durability.

With the availability of 3 patterns of LED lights, it becomes simple to aim the target in dark. For the operation at night, you need to use 2 external AAA batteries. With the help of a strap, it feels easy to wear the bow on the shoulder. Along with presenting fun, this set imparts lots of useful skills to kids. For instance, it improves their stamina, hand/eye coordination, and encourage them to play outdoors. The recommended age limit is 6 years and above.


  • Arrows are sturdy and stable
  • Light comes with 3 patterns
  • Easy to carry around

Why We Liked Bow and Arrow For Kid?

It imparts plenty of useful skills right from a young age. Your kids can play it indoors and outdoors.

7. 2 Pack Set Kids Archery Bow Arrow Toy Set:

7. 2 Pack Set Kids Archery Bow Arrow Toy Set

An ideal combination of durability and elegant design is found in this archery toy set. All the included arrows are equipped with a suction cup to provide stability. These arrows, bow, and quiver are sturdily built from quality materials. The inclusion of flashing LED lights set this set apart from other standard bow and arrow set. Whenever the arrows strike the target, the LEDs will turn on. In this way, this set boasts an attractive look that seems fascinating to kids.

The entire surface of the bow and arrows is smooth. There is the use of quality non-toxic ABS in the construction. This material is found safe for kids. Using the available strap, you can comfortably wear a quiver on your shoulder. If you wish to benefit from the light setting to play at night, you need to use 2 external AA batteries. In a fun and easy way, this set imparts motor skills and hand-eye coordination.


  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Made up of quality materials
  • LED lights offer an attractive look

Why We Liked It?

It is impeccable for kids to learn the basics of archery. The use of quality materials makes sure there are no worries of breaking or damage.

6. FSFF Enhanced Wooden Bow and Arrow for Kids:

6. FSFF Enhanced Wooden Bow and Arrow for Kids

For kids and teenagers willing to learn the basics of archery amusingly, this set is extremely useful. It lets them explore their imaginative power without any safety concerns. There is the use of quality wood in the arrows and bow. Easily and quickly, it improves the cognitive ability of kids. Your kids will learn how to develop patience and focus.

In addition to presenting fun, it boosts the upper body strength. While playing, your little ones will learn hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. In the set, you will find 2 armguards to defend the kid’s arm against a string slap of blow. Moreover, there is the inclusion of a carrying bag and large archery targets. If you want to remove the fear in your kid for playing an outdoor game, this set is the best choice.


  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Imparts lots of new skills

Why We Liked It?

In less time, it helps kids learn lots of innovative skills. The entire set lasts a lifetime due to sturdy construction.

5. Adventure Awaits! -Handmade Wooden Bow and Arrow Set:

5. Adventure Awaits! -Handmade Wooden Bow and Arrow Set

On occasions like Birthdays, Christmas, etc., you can gift this 2-pack set to your little one. There are 2 quivers and 20 wooden arrows available. They encourage outdoor play for hours without any safety issues. Looking at the construction, there is the use of lasting bamboo wood and safe rubber tips. Being handmade and with the use of quality materials, this set is well-known for sturdiness.

Easily and quickly, it lets kids learn the basics of archery. Though the tips are rubber made, they appear realistic.


  • Handmade and sturdily built
  • Includes safe rubber tips
  • Beautiful design for a perfect gift

Why We Liked It?

Parents will get pleased to see how their kids get excited when playing with this set. For the price, the quality is great.

4. Bow and Arrow For Kid – Marky Sparky Bow & Arrow:

4. Marky Sparky Bow & Arrow

Now it becomes easy and quick to shoot the target using this Marky Sparky set. The bow comes in a sleek appearance and the spinning handle lets you shoot quickly. It is quite simple to use –simply load the arrow, then pull back and observe how arrows fly quickly. The maximum range of shooting is 100 feet.

The manufacturer uses quality materials free from latex and phthalate. Despite being ultra-light, these arrows are durable due to the foam tip structure. For children aged 8 years and above, this set is perfect.


  • Excellent accuracy and comfort
  • Foam tips arrow offer safety
  • Lightweight yet durable

Why We Liked It?

It feels comfortable to hold in hands for hours. All the 6 arrows held perfectly.

3. JOYIN Bow and Arrow for Kids:

3. JOYIN Bow and Arrow for Kids

Allow kids to build imaginative skills easily with the help of this JOYIN set. It comprises a quiver, a plate target, a bow, 3 foam targets, and 9 arrows. The included suction cups in the arrows offer stability. There is support for a lighting system allowing you to play at night.

Without any safety hassles, your kids can grasp lots of new skills. For example, they can learn fine motor skills, collaboration skills, hand-eye coordination, and accuracy. Due to the use of non-toxic material, it is quite safe to use.


  • Durable and non-toxic
  • Stretches easily and quickly
  • Can be used at night

Why We Liked Bow and Arrow For Kid?

It is flexible to stretch the arrow to shoot the target. The stylish design keeps kids engaged in play for hours.

2. JOYIN Bow and Arrow Archery Toy Set:

2. JOYIN Bow and Arrow Archery Toy Set

Equipped with an illuminated bow, a quiver, 3 foam targets, a plate target, and 9 arrows, this set is recognized as a complete one. The chic design enables kids to explore their imaginative power even at night. In a fun way, it facilitates kids to learn many new skills. It imparts fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and accuracy skills. Gradually, they will be able to build stamina to play outdoors for hours. Due to the use of non-toxic material, the entire set is found safe to use.


  • Bright LED lights included
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • All accessories are non-toxic

Why We Liked It?

It contains plenty of arrows for prolonged practice time. The cool LEDs let you play at night.

1. SainSmart Jr. Kids Bow and Arrows:

1. SainSmart Jr. Kids Bow and Arrows

With lots of innovative features, this kids’ bow and arrow set is geared towards offering unlimited fun. It contains 5suction cup arrows that are durably built. When you pull the string of the bow, the lights will turn on automatically.

To let the LEDs operate, you will need 3 external AAA batteries. It feels comfortable to carry this set on your shoulder. The striking design makes it an elegant gift on occasions like Christmas and Birthdays.


  • Easy to carry and use
  • Beautiful green design
  • Safe and durable

Why We Liked Bow and Arrow For Kids?

We like how effectively it improves hand-eye coordination in kids. The sturdy arrows make sure the set lasts long.

Key Features To Consider for bow and arrow for kids:

Once you get to know the below features, you can choose the best bow and arrow for kids:

Age limit:

One of the most prominent factors to keep in mind is the age limit. The corresponding set should match well with the height, age, and strength of your little one. Generally, bows have a broad range of draw lengths as well as draw weights. Essentially, the draw length is how far the bow should be pulled back. The draw weight depicts how tricky it is to pull the string. Hence, the bow should be proportionate to the kid’s abilities and age. For example, some bow and arrow sets are compatible for kids aged 6 years and above, while some are compatible with age 8 years and above.


Frequently investing in a bow and arrow set is not a good idea. It is therefore recommended to emphasize the sturdiness of its bow, arrows, and other accessories. The durability is expected but you need it to work well even when your kid grows. It must last for years instead of just a few months.

Some sets are prepared from cheap quality wood or plastic, so they can break in a few months. Generally, the non-toxic ABS material is a preferred choice when it comes to durability and safety. When intending to use outdoors, check whether the set can sustain wear & tear of the external weather conditions or not. The presence of poor quality material indicates that the set cannot handle damage due to external weather. This may result in corrosion.

Additional features:

The design of the bow and arrow set is an additional feature you can consider before purchasing. For instance, some sets boast a wooden, mature look whereas other sets boast a childish appearance with vivid colors. Moreover, if you want to use the set during night or dark conditions, you can consider the inclusion of LED lights.

Concluding Note:

These bow and arrow sets for kids encourage lots of skills to kids along with offering fun. They are easy to carry around and help you to accurately shoot the target.

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