Top 10 Best Backpack Chairs Reviews in 2023

Every camper dreams of having all the tools and equipment they need during the outdoor trip. At the same time, they also want to travel as light as possible too. To solve this problem, we are glad to introduce to you the best backpack chairs which are light and portable. More than this, some products come with the secret compartments for keeping drinks, too. Below is a curated list of the top 10 best backpack chair models and some buying advice.

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List of 10 Best Backpack Chair Reviews in 2023:

10. Outrav foldable backpack chair with cooler

10. Outrav foldable backpack chair with cooler

The first product we would like to draw your attention to is the Outray product. This one is a well-known product that is very sturdy. It also has many functions you can enjoy too. This backpack chair allows you to fold and bring it everywhere you go with ease. If you take a closer look at the design of it, we bet that you will love the fact that it comes with a cooler. This way you can go everywhere with your favorite drinks.

To ensure the comfort and convenience of the user, this product is designed to be very light. This way, it allows you to put your food, tools, and supplies with ease. Don’t worry about its quality since this unit is very durable. All the materials used are guaranteed to have high quality. This one is suitable for hiking, camping, fishing and more.

#9. One Savvy Girl backpack chair for outdoors

#9. One Savvy Girl backpack chair for outdoors

The next hiking chair you should get is brought to you by One Savvy Girl. This brand and backpack chair come in beautiful pink color. This one is great for the lady who loves the fun and adventurous day. There is a space for you to keep your drink, so it is great for outdoor gatherings. Not only that you can keep the food, your fishing tools are safe in this storage too.

What makes this product even better than the rest is the lightweightedness of it. This folding chair is extremely light. Therefore, you can fold and take it everywhere without any restriction. This chair aims to give you the best, so the quality of the chair is guaranteed to be a durable one. Don’t worry, it is suitable for outdoor use since it uses oxford fabric.

#8. Tommy Bahama folding backpack chair

#8. Tommy Bahama folding backpack chair

Tommy Bahama, a folding chair you need to ensure comfort and convenience when you are chilling with your friends. This chair gives you the comfort since it is designed to be the foldable product. This one will not restrict your movement, yet it promises to offer the comfortable sitting time always. The positions of the chair can be adjusted into 4 different positions. Thus, you will always sit and chill without hurting your back and arms.

If you take a look at the design of it, the drink holder is attached at the armrest of the chair. This gives you a nice place for keeping your favorite drink. It is also good to know that the maximum weight it can support is up to 250 pounds. Though the weight capacity that it can hold is high, the weight of the product is very light. The material of this folding chair is aluminum.

#7. SGT comfortable backpack chair with strap

#7. Life is Good backpack chair with drink holder

If your outdoor activities make you struggle because you don’t have the right chair to sit on, getting the folding chair is a must. This one is the backpack chair that is designed with the strap. It allows you to fold and carry the chair anywhere you want with ease. This product is designed to have a shoulder strap since it wishes to give you free hands for other items. It is very durable as well as it is made from polyester fiber and aluminum.

Don’t worry, this chair is perfect for using outdoors as it can withstand all types of weather. More than this, this chair is very comfortable to sit on too. You can enjoy sitting, resting and sleeping on this chair. Last but not least, you can also make adjustments on the strap, too. Lastly, you can get this one for yourself, or as a gift for someone who loves travelling.

#6. Life is Good backpack chair with drink holder

#7. Life is Good backpack chair with drink holder

This one is surely what you need for the next outdoor trip. As one of the products from Life is Good brand, it is here to make your trip happier too. The material used for constructing this product is the aluminum. The frame of this is very durable, so you can enjoy using it without any problem. Getting this product will give you the 2-in-1 feature. What’s more, it can be used as the chair and cooler at the same time. This chair allows you to fold and carry it around with ease.

With this chair, every part from the cleaning, loading and uploading can be completed with ease. Please be noted that the package of this product comes with drink holders and pouch. Feel free to make adjustments to get the position you like too. Don’t hesitate anymore, this one is great in terms of quality and price. With a good chair and drink by your side, there is no reason to say no to this product.

#5. Nice C backpack chair

#6. Nice C backpack chair

Nice C is here with us today by introducing the awesome and foldable chair you can carry around easily. This product provides up to 2 chairs in the package, so you can enjoy your time with the partner. The design of this backpack chair aims to save your space, too. You can fold it flat and release it back anytime you want. In terms of the quality, we dare to guarantee that you can have the trust on it.

The material used is the industrial grade one, and those are a durable steel frame and Oxford 100-D polyester. These two great materials are perfect for using outdoors since they can withstand all types of weather conditions. If you are planning to go on an outdoor trip, this one is indeed the chair you need to have. The good news from the company is, it is backed by a reliable warranty. With all the great features, we believe that there is nothing to worry about.

#4. Rio Gear adjustable camping chair

#4. Rio Gear adjustable camping chair

Another backpack chair that is suitable for carrying around goes to Rio Gear. This one is well known for the great features and quality of it. First of all, you can transport it from place to place with ease. The total weight of this product is very light as it is only 8 lbs. You can carry it as a backpack and have free hands to take care of other items. More than this, a storage pouch is given in the package too. The shoulder strap of this chair can be adjusted, so you can choose the length you like. Once you sit on this chair, you will surely enjoy the comfort given by it.

There are 5 positions you can choose, and each of them can support your body well. For your information, the frame of the chair is made from aluminum; therefore, you can enjoy using it without worrying about the rust or corrosion. The maximum weight capacity that it can hold is 240 lbs. This one is what you need if you like the durable yet light product.

#3. RIO lighwweight camping chair

#3. RIO lighwweight camping chair

Whenever you are planning an outdoor trip, the chair is what you need to keep you comfortable all the time. This one is made from high-quality materials, and those include polyester and aluminum frame. It aims to make your journey easier by allowing you to fold and carry it with ease. The total weight of this chair is very light too; as a great point, you won’t get tired when you carry it. With this chair, you will get the good positions to sit on since the chair is adjustable.

There are 4 positions, so you can recline and decline it back easily. Since it is made from aluminum, we dare to guarantee that it is built to last. Last but not least, it is good to know that the weight it can support is as high as 240 lbs.

#2. Rio Gear adjustable compact chair with spates

#2. Rio Gear adjustable compact chair with stapes

If you are looking for a backpack chair that is made from steel, the product that you should consider is the Rio Gear brand. This brand is very popular and it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. However, this is even great for the outdoor activities. The chair is attached with the straps for ensuring that you can carry it with ease. The pad on the strap can be adjusted, so you can carry it with little effort.

More than this, there are 4 different positions you can choose from this chair. Feel free to make adjustments and get the right angle that you like. Please note that this chair comes with a storage pouch too. This allows you to store anything you like such as food and drink. The chair can accommodate up to 250 lbs, while it is only 11 lbs.

#1. Trekology breathable portable chair

#1. Trekology breathable portable chair

Here comes to the end of the list today, and we keep another best option until the last, This is one the one and only product from Trekology brand, and it is the awesome portable camping chair. First off, this one is higher and wider than other options, so you will get the comfort even when you are sitting for many hours. Unlike other chairs, this one uses the breathable mesh for keeping you cool. More than this, it is designed to be the portable chair; therefore, you can carry it around when you are hiking, camping, travelling and more.

With this product, you will get the utmost comfort no matter where you go. You can sit on it with the peace in mind too as the maximum weight it can support is as high as 300 pounds. Plus, setting this backpack chair can be done in a snap.

Buying Guides Of Backpack Chair:

Weight Capacity

The first aspect you need to think about is the maximum weight that it can support. You need to consider it closely for getting the chair that is sturdy enough for supporting you without any potential hazard. It is wise to check the weight that it can hold in advance to make sure that you get the right product. The one that can hold higher weight is also marked to have a greater quality too.


The next important thing to keep in mind is the materials that are used to construct the chair. The materials found in the backpack chair varies from one to another. The popular ones are usually made from steel frame, aluminum, nylon, polyester, Oxford fabric and more. No matter what type you go for, just try to get a lighter product.


The frame of the chair plays the role in supporting the chair and your weight. This way, it is a must to pay close attention to the frame of the chair. The good product should be the one that can support the weight while having lighter weight itself. We highly recommend an aluminum frame as it is light, yet very sturdy.


We talk a lot about the weight and how important it is to get a light product when you are travelling. That’s why we would like to remind you to look at the weight of the chair before making a purchase. Your goal is to buy a lightweight chair, so the weight of the chair should not be heavier than 11 lbs.


With all the best backpack chairs we have introduced above, we believe that you will find it very easy to get the right product for yourself. These backpack chairs are high in quality, so you can enjoy using it without a worry. The weight capacity of each chair is high too, making it the right choice for everyone in your house.

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